Optical Character Recognition

MyOCR is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) System developed by Malaysian Company. The function is to capture and recognize the container number and license plate number from the image.


Recognition Rate 98% depending on the acquisition quality and country of plate.
Maximum Numbers of CamerasUnlimited, depending on the PC or Server
Vehicle Maximum Speed250 km/h using the adequate camera and lighting
Supported ProtocolsMJPEG, JPEG, H264, AVI, RTSP, Gige Vision, IDS Imaging, DirectShow, Point Grey
Supported CamerasAVT, Axis, Vivotek, IndigoVision, Bosch, Avigilon, HikVision, Huawei, Dahua, Messoa, IDS-IMAGING, PointGrey, Basler, JAI, JVC, Mobotix, Pelco, Sony, etc. (specific models of each brand).
Other Video SourcesAvi Files, Jpeg, Bmp Files
Operative SystemWindows 7, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8, Windows 10 all 64 bits
DatabaseMS SQL Server Express (Standard and Enterprise versions supported, but not included)
Third Party IntegrationXML messages via Socket or JSON SQL Server database access
Optical Character Recognition



Fast Processing Time

Fast processing time which is 300 ms for Container ID recognition and 50 ms for License plate recognition

Hardware Independent

It allows to use cameras from different brands and protocols in the same system

Real-Time Recognition

Real-time recognition modes, by external trigger and motion detection

Easy Integration

Easy integration from third party software