Cargo Scanner
MySCAN Series

MyScan Cargo Inspection system is designed and manufactured locally in Malaysia to perform manifest verification, homeland security and contraband interdiction. MyScan scans all (100%) containers entering and exiting a border or perimeter, promoting efficient tariff enforcement and secure movement of goods in the country to foster a global supply chain system that is prepared to withstand evolving threats and hazards. This series of x-ray screening systems is designed to optimize security checks at ports, airports and border crossings.

cargo scanning at port

General Specifications

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General SpecificationDescription
Type of Non-Intrusive Inspection SystemFixed portal type
Type of X-Ray AcceleratorSingle accelerator in dual energy
Operation ModeVehicle drive-through with full scan mode or cabin mode
Scanning SpeedLess than 20 seconds per scan
Inspection ThroughputAverage inspection throughput rate more than 150 standard 40’ ISO cargo containers per hour
Vehicle Transit Speed5-15 km/hr(optional), can reach up to 30 km/hr
System Warm Up TimeLess than 5 Minutes
Footprint [W x L x H]9m x 40m x 9.5m (Customizable)
Tunnel Dimension [H x W]5m x 4.4m (Customizable)
Max. Height of Scanningapprox. 5.2m above ground (Customizable)
Min. Height of Scanningapprox. 0.35m above ground
Nominal Energy (MeV)7.5/4 MeV, Pulsed Radiator (300 Hz)
Steel Penetrationmax 350mm (7.5MeV)
max 210mm (4MeV)
Power Requirements40KVA, 415V 3 phase
Scan DirectionBoth-way

X-Ray Imaging Software

cargo x-ray image

* Comply to ANSI N42.46-2008 and IEC62523

Spatial Resolution4mm vertical, 3mm horizontal
Contrast Sensitivity1% behind 100mm steel
2% behind 150mm steel
2% behind 200mm steel
Wire Detectability1.3mm wire in air
Pseudo ColorYes, at least 4 colors
ZoomAt least 16x Zoom
Measurement Length/AreaYes
Edge EnhancementYes
Metal DiscriminationYes (Organic, Inorganic, Metals and Heavy Metals)
X-Ray DetectorDual Row Dual energy

Radiation Protection Safety

* Comply to ANSI – HPS N43.17-2009 Standard

Radiation Absorption DoseAmbient dose equivalent to the driver = less than 0.1 μSv per scan. *
Ambient dose equivalent to the object being inspected = less than 0.1 μSv per scan. *
Ambient dose equivalent rate on the system boundary = less than 0.5 μSv *
System SafetyShort Radiation emission time(stop radiation after scanning completed)
Maximum X-Ray Turn On Time15 Seconds (Customizable)
Mechanical SafetyPush Button Emergency, Door Interlock, Software Emergency Button
Protection From Over SizedProtected by over height barrier, height limit gantry
Radiation ProtectionConcrete walls, shielding doors, Safety Cabin

Additional Accessories

cargo scanner in port
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Optical Character Recognition
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Radiation Portal Monitoring
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High Throughput

Up to 150 standard 40’ ISO cargo containers per hour

Low Radiation Dose

Absorbed dose per scan as low as 0.1 μSv/scan

High Steel Penetration

Can penetrate up to 350mm thick steel


Able to customize according to user's requirements

High Image Quality

High images quality with several imaging option that include grayscale,black and white, pseudocolor and colour images

Fully Automated Operation

Fully automated scanning system which requires no manual operation