Weigh In Motion

Strain gauge technology is used in static weighing for direct weight enforcement and is accepted as the most accurate and reliable means to weigh a vehicles. Intercom’s strips sensors integrate the same strain gauge technology incorporated into a compact strip for accurate WIM application. Offering the lowest cost of ownership of any precision WIM sensor, the price, durability, and longevity of Intercomp sensors deliver performance to rely on

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TechnologyStrain gauge load cell with software
Operation ModeDrive-through of constant speed up to 100 km/hr
Weight Limit0 - 100 tons. Controlled with software
MaintenanceFree maintenance
Installation Time2 - 3 days
DimensionWidth: 70 mm
Height: 76 mm
Weight(1.5 m sensor): 22 kg
Weight(1.75 m sensor): 28 kg
Weight(2.0 m sensor): 32 kg
Operating Temperature Range-40C to 80C
CableType: 6 Conductor Cable with Shield ± Excitation, ±Signal, ±Sens
Lenght: 40m or 100m - Custom Length Available per Customer Request
Recommended Excitation5 - 10V
Ingress Protection RatingIP68
Sensitivity (Nominal)0.75 mV/V @ 6000lb
(0.825 mV/V @ 3000kg
Ratiometric mVV output
Output Variance Over the Length of Sensor± 0.5% of load
Linearity± 0.1% FSO
Hysteresis±0.2% FSO
Temperature Coefficient of Sensitivity±0.0036% of load/C
Bridge Resistance170 ohms
Accuracy Estimation2 sensors: ±10% - 15% from actual
4 sensors: ±7% - 10% from actual
6 sensors: ±5% - 7% from actual
8 sensors: ±3% - 5% from actual


Static WeightWeight-In-Motion(WIM)LS-WIM
TechnologyMechanical Load CellStrain gauge load cell with softwareWeight-In-Motion Scale System
Operation ModeComplete stopDrive-through of constant speed up to 129 km/h (certified), others WIM product only up to 80km/hDrive-through of constant speed up to 10 km/h
Weight Limit2 ton < weight specs < 80 ton0 ~ 100 ton. Controlled with Software24 ~ 40 ton per axle
MaintenanceRegular MaintenanceZero MaintenanceRegular Maintenance
Weight InformationGross Weight OnlyGross Weight; Speed; Axis number; Weight per AxisGross vehicle weight; Axle weights; Group weights, and Axle spacing
Error ReportN/ASoftware based ReportSoftware based Report
AccuracyAccurateAccurate in 5% from static weightAccurate
Installation TimeMore than 1 month2 - 3 days2 - 3 days
FootprintBigVery smallSmall

MyWIM successfully installed at Kulwaru, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

MyWIM successfully installed at Westport Export and Tanjung Kupang Import