More than 15 years of experience in the X-ray Scanner Service Sector. We have foreseen customers’ future needs. We invented our own machine and customized it based on Security Level Requested.

About Us
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The ONLY ONE Cargo & Baggage Scanner R&D center and manufacturer in Southeast Asia

We successfully transformed ourselves from a service maintenance-oriented firm to a world-class cargo x-ray scanner R&D and manufacturing company

About Us
The Best Security Solution For You Business With More Than 15 Years Of Experience In This Sector.
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Our Products

Cargo Scanner

Cargo scanning or non-intrusive inspection refers to non-destructive methods of inspecting and identifying goods in transportation systems.

X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition system is to capture and recognize the container number and license plate number from the image.


Weight-in-Motion is a new technology which utilizes the strain gauge to do the weight measurement to the drive through truck.

Infrared Temperature and Metal Detector

Equipped with intelligent passenger flow and alarm counter, which can automatically display and record the number of alarms and the number of people entering and leaving in real time, and can record 100,000 pieces of large-capacity record information for real-time inspection

Radiation Portal Monitoring

Passive radiation detection devices used for the screening of individuals, vehicles, cargo or other vectors for detection of illicit sources such as at borders or secure facilities.

Our Services

Cargo & Vehicle Inspection

Baggage Screening

Radiation Detection

Project Management Service

Engineering Service

Software Architected & Development

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