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The ONLY ONE Cargo & Baggage Scanner R&D center and manufacturer in Southeast Asia

Billion Prima Sdn Bhd was founded in 2007 to capitalize on the need for non-intrusive inspection (NII) based technologies. Billion Prima is located in Kulai, Johor, Malaysia. With over 15 years of experience developing and deploying cargo scanners, Billion Prima is committed to revolutionizing the scanner industry by deploying the safest and fastest scanning solutions available. We have expanded into other markets in Southeast Asia and beyond the region. Our cargo scanners have an excellent track record of operating 24/7 in any weather conditions. They are designed to handle a high throughput of scanning, and it has proven To meet the needs of 100% vehicle or container scanning requirements at ports and borders. 

Continuous research and development activities along with collaborative efforts with local and international institutions have enabled Billion Prima to diversify its products which include Baggage/Parcel Scanners, Vehicle Scanners, and Radiation Detection Equipment. Billion Prima also offers a variety of products and services that include surveillance systems, and drive-through weighing systems.

Thanks to the effort of our researchers and expertise, we managed to have our products granted a total of 6 patents and 2 industrial designs in Malaysia and eventually deployed our very own developed world-class cargo scanners into both Malaysia and Indonesia critical checkpoints. 

Our solutions are best suited for security inspection at borders, ports, airports, prisons, critical infrastructure, or secure places. 

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