Our Product

Infrared Temperature and Metal Detector

Infrared temperature and metal detector machine which harmless to cardiac pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, and magnetic media. Equipped with intelligent passenger flow and alarm counter, which can automatically display and record the number of alarms and the number of people entering and leaving in real time, and can record 100,000 pieces of large-capacity record information for real-time inspection.

temperature and metal detector machine

Product Features

Non-contact temperature measurementThe temperature of the passing person's forehead is tested by an adjustable infrared probe.
Test accuracy ± 1 ℃
Test distance0.1m - 1m
Working environmentIndoor / no wind
Adjustable settingsAdjusting the probe angle based on people heights.(Height limitation: 1.1m - 1.9m)
Type of detectionMetal detection function and temperature detection function exist at the same time. Wider range of use.
Large-screen technology7 inch LCD screen, new debug program interface, easy to operate
Detect objectsCan detect magnetic, non-magnetic and alloy metals
Shell protection technologyIP55 superior protection performance
Human safetyHarmless to cardiac pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, and magnetic media

Functional Configuration

Vertical dimensionsH2230mm X L835 X W580
Vertical channel size H1990mm X L700 X W500
Working voltageAC90V~240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption < 15W(The minimum)
Operating frequency range1 - 100spectrum
Working temperature-20℃ ~ 5℃
Installation environment100cm(W)* 200cm(L) sheet transverse
Accuracy for metallic objectsMaximum sensitivity <6g metal

Functional Diagram

If the test temperature is lower than 37℃, the green text is displayed through the sound.

 When the test temperature is higher than 37℃ and lower than 38℃, the yellow text will be displayed and alarm sounds.

If test temperature is higher than 38℃, the red text displayed, alarm sounds.